Hi! I’m Remo Ballesteros, a nineteen-year-old Filipino who has loved fashion and blogging since I-don’t-know-when. You may have known me before merely as one-third of the Wardrobe for Three gang from our short-lived personal style blog of the same name—particularly that sole guy who has done nothing but to be the third wheel to the undeniable sisterly chemistry between the twin pigs, Inna and Nikole. Now, I’m reintroducing myself as my own person. Here are nine things to start you up:

  1. My personal style is schizophrenic. I haven't figured out my style identity yet. Right now, I'm swinging from being dark and edgy with denim jackets and flannel shirts to being playful and fun with contrasting colors and patterns outfit after outfit. I'm also trying out different styles from time to time to expand my horizons. Here's hoping I'd find that perfect match soon enough (double meaning intended)!
  2. The style icons I look up to are Vhong Navarro, John Lloyd Cruz, Kurt Hummel (from Glee), Ryan Gosling and David Guison. I love how Vhong takes the casual look to a whole new level. His looks every time he pops out of the small screen is just so dapper without having to go over-the-top. John Lloyd's style, on the other hand, is the kind of playful I'm trying to achieve. He wears bold colors and absurd prints and just owns it. Plus, I dig how he does it with no socks on. Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling's style is just filled with an insane amount sex appeal. On second thought, he can wear a potato sack and still look hot as hell. Whereas Glee's Kurt is just the perfect style inspiration—he is the epitome of a fashion risk-taker for me. He basically just gets away with almost anything, be it a pair of printed jeans, a crazy hippopotamus brooch or even an asymmetrical sweater. So brave, I must say. And lastly, there's David Guison... well, he is David Guison for crying out loud. Need I explain why?
  3. Black is my comfort zone color. Don't get me wrong, I love bright colors. And as much as possible, I want to incorporate them to my every ensemble. But whenever extreme laziness or a bad mood or both interferes, blacks never fail to save my day. Indeed, pieces with neutral colors like black are easier to build an outfit with since it can be paired with pretty much anything. So there’s never an excuse for a sloppy look. 
  4. I found a guilty pleasure in everything floral. I love them, big or small. But for people who aren’t that much inclined with fashion, florals are too feminine and are a thing of the summer which explains the scrutinizing stares I would constantly get whenever I get to wear one on a regular day. And I can’t handle that much attention just yet, forcing me to keep that love to myself. Well, maybe I’d learn to ignore them, and eventually allow myself to willingly showcase this floral madness soon enough. We’ll just see.  
  5. You would never see me wear a pair of baggy pants—or bellbottoms. You see, I have nothing against people who wear them but these have been two fashion trends which I never really get up to this day, and that’s saying something coming from a person who adores hip hop and the retro era so much. Seriously, both are utterly unflattering to one’s figure and they really don’t do much in the style department either so why wear them?
  6. My go-to look would always involve an outerwear. I just don't feel right going to school or to the church on a Sunday or to a party or someplace else with barely a tee-pants-sneakers combination. I believe that it's too laid-back and casual that it should be reserved for a mere stroll at the park or a quick visit to the mall. And I trust my friend when he told me that it's better to go overdressed than be under. After all, you can never tell if something may come up in the middle of the day. At least this way, you will never go unprepared. And besides, you can always remove that blazer or cardigan you’ve put on anytime just in case there’s a need to dress down.
  7. I'm a serial thrift shopper. In fact, half, if not most of my clothes are thrifted. And before I go to a department store to buy a particular piece, I make sure to rummage all the racks of every second-hand stores there is for it. I am such a cheapskate, that's why. But never ever underestimate the wonders of ukay-ukay—you can find gems from it for really cheap prices. I actually bought an authentic Oscar de la Renta button-down for Php. 10.00. Real steal, I know.
  8. I dream of having my own clothing line someday. And my designs will be the most anticipated finale to every fashion week there'll be in New York, Paris and Milan. Or if that’s too ambitious, maybe I could write for a fashion magazine or be a celebrity stylist or take any decent job just to break into the fashion industry. And no, I'm not that desperate.
  9. I believe that every day is an opportunity for fashion. And it indeed is, right?
Bonus: I'm currently obsessed with digital prints. I just find them oozing with fun and attitude. Be it a bird’s eye view image of the city in a shirt or a graphic of a corn field in another, they’re one trend to try. Prepare to see a lot of them in my future outfit posts! 

Questions? Suggestions? Violent Reactions? Hit the comments! 

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