Friday, February 21, 2014

Waiting for a Valentine Miracle

Happy Valentine’s, everyone! I know it’s a week past the actual date but nobody ever said that the celebration of love should end there, right? Love is too great (sorry for the lack of a more appropriate word) a thing to be exemplified for just a day. And like the classic Sarah G. song would say, forever isn’t even enough to show that. So… does that give me the license to get away with an uber late Valentine’s post? I hope so. Hihi!

But no, I’m not gonna talk about love, at least not the kind of love this wonderful commemoration has been all about these days. After all, I don’t have anything nice to say about it ‘cause contrary to popular belief, I don’t have a healthy lovelife as of the moment—or ever (yes, I’ve been single for nineteen years now and hopefully not for the next years to come). I don’t wanna rub my bitterness to your lovestruck faces so let’s just talk about other, less irritating, family-friendlier topics, shall we?

You know, I was just done watching Miracle in Cell No. 7 with a couple of my good friends while penning this post and I can’t help but say that it was all sorts of awesome! It was very moving, to say the least—it brought me to tears and it doesn’t happen that often to a stone-cold bitch like me. Haha! And by the way, have you guys seen it? I’m telling you, you should. That is if you wanna feel something again, as in real emotion and not the kind of kilig feeling you faked the moment your lover—or suitor or creepy stalker or whatever you prefer to call him/her—did something “romantic” to you during the 14th. I have nothing against happily coupled individuals out there but what I’m just trying to say which I apparently failed to deliver is that, the movie showed a different depiction of love, one between a mentally handicapped father and his daughter (more about this later).

Anyway, this Korean movie was actually the inspiration for this post. I originally don’t have any plans to blog (or even go online or watch a movie or do anything unrelated to school) today since my academic schedule isn’t over for the week yet (that’s one rule I obviously find hard to not violate). This no-distractions rule is also the reason why it took me nearly three weeks this time to publish another post. It may look like the old sickness (read: laziness) that once killed my last blog is recurring given the gradual extension of the hiatus between my every post, but it was just my academics, like I told you last time, that’s eating up all my time and energy (and brain cells!), leaving me with nothing but stress, starvation, and sleepless nights. I know you’d agree that school has really been a bitch lately since the hell-est week of all hell weeks is just around the corner. And don’t even me started about the crazy requirements my seemingly loopy teachers has been demanding from us. But then again, this isn’t about sharing to you guys my agony so I think that’s it for all these bullsh*ts.

Thrifted Button-Down
Studded Cuffs from SM Department Store
Thrifted Shorts
Thrifted Boots
Now back to the flick. I really couldn’t thank this movie enough for giving me the zest to blog again. I initially just needed a break from all these stressors that I have to watch a good film or something (it’s really an effective form of escapism, I must say). And although this isn’t the kind of feel-good movies that you would want (especially the ending—yes, that ending!) after a long day, it was really worth the watch—plus points to the poignant story, the very believable acting, and the brilliant and adorably cute child actress playing the protagonist. I’m no film critic but can I just say one last time that it was one of the best films that I’ve seen in recent memory? And to think that I’m not a fan of Korean anything, I really enjoyed it (not in the literal way of course, I’m not that much of a sadist). Talk about unleashing my sentimental self? That’s worth celebrating, right? And now I need an outlet for all these foreign emotions that has since been bothering my numbness that I have to tell you, guys, all these.

I really did somehow relate to the film. I may not have necessarily experienced the same emotional rollercoaster (or such struggle under a rotten judicial system!) as what the main characters of the story have had, and my father and I may not have the most ideal father-and-child relationship due to a couple of reasons which I better should leave unsaid (no, I’m not gonna go further into the details regarding this aspect) but it was love we are talking about. Not being cheesy and all but this movie made me realize that love can really do inexplicable things. People were not lying when they say that you indeed will do literally anything for love and make the stupidest sacrifices. Love is just… epic. Okay, so I’m not really good in translating my thoughts into words so I recommend that you just watch it for your own convenience. And Valentine’s or not, cherish the ones you love while you still have them, be it your parents, friends or someone special. Show them that you do (although that’s kind of a backlash for me since I haven’t said “I love you” to anyone in years, not even to my parents but whatever), because the last thing you would want is to lose them. 

So here’s my A-Fash family doing just that by sending you some hugs and kisses this month of love. And I’m so happy to announce that this community that you’ve grown to love is expanding. Hooray! We have three new members just this month! Thanks to the Ateneo #FOTD project which has obviously inspired many people to bring out their inner fashionistas. And you can also join us here in making Ateneo into a more fashionable place. Love love!

P.S. Pardon my apparent bitterness. It comes naturally. And for those who are interested to grant that miracle I was asking and change my dusty relationship status, you can just text me, or tweet me, or message me on Facebook or just approach me whenever you see me and I’m willing to accommodate your concern. Haha! Just kidding. And oh, sorry for the lengthy post!

Photos were taken by Jamie Borile.


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  2. I like this outfit, especially those printed shorts! Everyone in your A-Fash family looks so trendy!

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